Melbourne Children’s Psychology Clinic

What We Provide

Room Facilities

Our Hampton and Ivanhoe locations each comprise six consulting suites. Each room is furnished with modern and comfortable amenities, including a couch, clinician chair, adjustable and/or soft lighting, artwork and plants. Rooms are designed to create a comfortable atmosphere for children and young people. Additional features may include a coffee table, side table, and a desk and chair.

For group sessions, Ivanhoe offers a spacious group room with a large table, ample seating, additional desk, access to computer and a white board. We welcome discussions on tailoring the furniture setup to best suit your clients’ comfort.

Shared Amenities

Both Ivanhoe and Hampton Suites provide tastefully designed large waiting areas with ample seating and abundant natural light. Your clients will be warmly greeted by reception, and you will use a unique digital code to access the smart lock on the front door. Your name or business name can be prominently displayed in the waiting area at your request.

Additionally, you will have access to a well-equipped kitchen featuring a fridge/freezer, kettle, microwave, coffee machine, crockery, cutlery, and basic supplies like tea, milk, and biscuits.

There is a shared bathroom for practitioners and clients alike.

Shared furniture such as a portable testing table, sand tray and small table and chairs for young clients are also available for use.

High-speed Wi-Fi access is also available.

Professional Connection

We prioritize fostering a supportive and collegial environment at MCPC Consulting Suites, recognizing the potentially isolating nature of private practice. 

We aim to cultivate a sense of connectedness among our community of like-minded professionals who are committed to enhancing well-being. 

To facilitate this, we organize networking events to encourage practitioners to build relationships. Additionally, we provide formal opportunities for you to showcase your clinical focus, promoting cross-referrals and professional development.

Explore Our Space!

When you choose to practice at MCPC Consulting Suites, you’re not just securing a room, you’re joining a community of psychologists dedicated to professionalism, evidence-based practice, and integrity. We value the unique perspectives of each psychologist and encourage you to contribute your ideas on how we can further enhance our shared space.

Take the next step toward providing a nurturing environment for your clients and experiencing the advantages of a purpose-built space designed by psychologists, for psychologists. Contact us at or to learn more.