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Melbourne Children’s Psychology Clinic will continue to provide psychological services throughout this challenging time. We are currently providing Telehealth and face-to-face for those children and young people that clinically require it.

Current Clients

Our priority is ensuring the safety and wellness of our patients, staff and the broader community.

Please read below and advise our team immediately if any of these apply to you:

Please contact our clinic if you need to discuss any of these issues with our team.

Your appointment will be rescheduled or you can attend via our telehealth facilities.

Our clinic has implemented a range of procedures to increase the safety of our staff, clients and the broader community. This includes contactless reception, social distancing measures, and sanitisation stations. You will receive detailed information to assist upon making an appointment.

Further information:

Supporting your child:

You may find the following information helpful to support you with talking to your child about COVID-19. Remember to try and limit media coverage in your home and focus on routine and predictability.


Yes, we will continue to receive referrals for new clients during this time.

Melbourne Children’s Psychology Clinic is able to provide psychology services via Telehealth to you and your child.

If you have access to a computer, Ipad or smart-phone with a camera, then you should be able to link to Telehealth services. Alternatively, therapy can be provided via phone.


Melbourne Children’s Psychology Clinic practitioners are able to provide psychological services through Telehealth (Videoconferencing and/or telephone).

During lockdown, we have continued to engage children and young people via Telehealth and found that most clients are able to continue therapy via this medium.  We have developed invaluable skills and expertise, adopting creative and innovative ways to deliver effective interventions through this medium.

With restrictions gradually lifting, we are able to provide some face-to-face consultations to those children and young people that clinically require it.

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