Melbourne Children’s Psychology Clinic


Melbourne Children’s Psychology Clinic is Victoria’s leading child and adolescent psychology clinic.  Established in 2008, Dr Felicity McFarlane and Dr Georgina Swinburne were driven to create a service that understands the unique needs of infants, children, adolescents, and their families.

MCPC psychologists are highly qualified.  Our team includes Clinical Child Psychologists. We also have Educational and Developmental Psychologists that complement our service, bringing their unique skills in the assessment and treatment of learning and developmental difficulties.

Our psychologists bring individual expertise and a passion and commitment to working with children and young people.

MCPC has long-standing relationships with GPs, paediatricians, psychiatrists, allied health (speech and OTs) and schools within the community. These relationships enable our team to provide integrated and holistic services. 

Dr Swinburne and Dr McFarlane continue to supervise and mentor psychologists and registrars across various university and work settings, with a commitment to contributing back to the profession.  With more than 50 years of training and experience between them, they are experts in their field.

Our Mission

Warmth & Respect

We strive to create a safe and warm environment that is respectful of one’s beliefs, culture and heritage, ethnicity, gender and sexual identity.

Collaboration & Transparency

We endeavour to provide clear communication about our treatment frameworks and goals, that is collaborative and transparent.

Scientific-Based Practice

We aim to deliver best practice that is founded upon efficacious (scientifically supported) and up-to-date interventions to achieve the best outcomes for children, young people, and their families.

Family Centered Systems Approach

We work from a family-centered and systems approach that ensures that your child is supported across all settings; at home and within their educational setting.